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Mifare | SmartCard Mifare | Mifare 4K S70 |MIfare Classic 1K


1.Mifare RF Interface (ISO/IEC 14443A)
# Contactles transmission of data and supply energy (No battery needed)
# Operating Distance: Up to 100mm (depending on antenna geometry)
# Operating frequency: 13.56Mhz
# Fast Data Transfer:106 kbits/s
# High Data integrity:16bit CRC,parity,bit,coding,bit counting
# True Anticollision
# Typical ticketing transaction:<100ms (including backup management)

# 4kbyte,organised in 32 sectors with 4 blocks and 8 sectors with 16 block (one block consists of 16 bytes)
# User define access conditions for each memory block
# Data rentention of 10 years
# write endurance 100.000 cycles

# Mutual three pass authentication (ISO/IEC DIS9798-2)
# Data encryption on RF-Channel with reply attack protection
# Individual key set per sector (per application) to support multi-application with key hierarchy
# Unique serial number for each device
# Transport key protects access to EEPROM on chip delivery

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